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The music included in the “Scary Music Pack - Ghosty” was created in two versions, 1 with piano only and another one  with synthesizers, bass and drums. 

It consists of an spooky melody that sounds misterious yet not evil, I believe it could be nice for games with ghost characters, I believe it will work for any style of game related to "nice ghosts" xD

In the pack I have included various versions of the music in case the game developer need to use it in situations such as:

  • Normal game scenario
  • Danger or Time running out moments 
  • Cute scenes
  • Extended version for game credits

I made it stereo-mono compatible having a great sounding in both cases

the pack includes 6 versions of the music and each one in format: Wav and mp3 which give you a total of 12 files

  1. Main theme Extended version (01:57)
  2. Main theme (Loop) (00:53)
  3. Main theme short version (no Loop) (00:57)
  4. Main theme piano version (Loop) (00:53) 
  5. Main theme piano version (No Loop) (00:55) 
  6. Speed up version (loop) (00:41)

Wav Files are 44100 – 16bits

remember attribute me in the credits of your game ^^

something like: “Scary Music Pack Ghosty composed by Rino Tirri”


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

GhostyFull.mp3 4 MB
GhostyFull.wav 19 MB
ghostyMainLoop.mp3 2 MB
ghostyMainLoop.wav 9 MB
ghostyMainNoLoop.mp3 2 MB
ghostyMainNoLoop.wav 9 MB
ghostyPianoOnlyLoop.mp3 2 MB
ghostyPianoOnlyLoop.wav 9 MB
ghostyPianoOnlyNoLoop.mp3 2 MB
ghostyPianoOnlyNoLoop.wav 9 MB
ghostySpeedUpLoop.mp3 1 MB
ghostySpeedUpLoop.wav 6 MB

Download demo

ghostyMainLoop_RJTSWM.mp3 2 MB
ghostyPianoOnlyLoopRJTSWM.mp3 2 MB
ghostySpeedUpLoopRJTSWM.mp3 1 MB

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