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this track is called "8bit music she" it was created inspired on older platformer games, I made this music with synthesizers only, because I want to bring back the 8-16 bit soundtrack era, bass and drums are also made digitally. 

the melody is pretty cool and I believe is usefull for any purpose   

if you buy this license, you will get 

  1. the clean version of the main track (called 8bit music she) (02:24)
  2. the loop version of the complete track (02:18)
  3. Faster tempo version of the track Loop (00:55)
  4. shorter loops of fast tempo version (00:12)

which will give you a total of 4 high quality wav Files, 44100 hz

you can Download a (taggedMP3 of the main clean track for listening purposes, if you buy the license you will recieve the untagged music.


for clarifing purposes you are buying a license to use this track in your videogame, here is what you can do and what you cant with this music:

you can:

  • incorporate this music in your videogame 
  • cut the music or extend it as you like 
  • use it as part of your videogame even if you will profit with it (the videogame).
  • convert the track to the audio format that you want

you cant:

  • sell this music separatly of your videogame
  • transform this music or use it as part of another track, understanding
  • transform this track including:
  • change the tempo
  • change the tune
  • mix this track with another one
  • reverse this track
  • or any other modification except the allowed explicitly
  • use it in more than 1 videogame, its 1 license per use
  • sell it separtly as a soundtrack of the video game music

IMPORTANT: you have to mention me in the credits of the videogame as the Composer of the music, including the name of the track and my name, something like:

"8bit music she" composed and produced by Rino Jose Tirri Suarez


#8-Bit  #Arcade #chiptune #Music #Music Production #NES #SegaGenesis #super-nes


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

She 8 bits full clean.wav 24 MB
She 8 bits full loop.wav 23 MB
She 8 bits loop fast tempo.wav 9 MB
She 8 bits Short loop fast tempo.wav 2 MB

Download demo

demo.mp3 5 MB

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