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I made The music included in the “8 Bit Music - Passenger” with synthesizers only, because I want to bring back the 8-16 bit soundtrack era, bass and drums are also made digitally. 

the melody is pretty cool and I believe is usefull for any purpose   

In the pack I have included various versions of the music in case the game developer need to use it in situations such as:

faster, normal or slower events

full music with begining and end and loop versions also

I made it stereo-mono compatible having a great sounding in both cases

the pack includes 7 versions of the music and each one in format: Wav and mp3 which give us a total of 14 files

1 full version 150 bpm with end

3 full theme versions (loopable):

  • Full Main theme (01:05) (150bpm)
  • Full Main theme slower (01:15) (130bpm)
  • Full Main theme faster (01:01) (160bpm)

3 short loop versions

remember attribute me in the credits of your game ^^

something like: “8 bit music - Passenger composed by Rino Tirri”


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

150BMPLoop.mp3 2 MB
150BMPLoop.wav 10 MB
150BMPLoop2.mp3 999 kB
150BMPLoop2.wav 4 MB
150BMPLoop3.mp3 499 kB
150BMPLoop3.wav 2 MB
150BMPLoop4.mp3 999 kB
150BMPLoop4.wav 4 MB
150BMPFullTheme.mp3 2 MB
150BMPFullTheme.wav 11 MB
160BMPLoop.mp3 2 MB
160BMPLoop.wav 10 MB
130BMPLoop.mp3 2 MB
130BMPLoop.wav 12 MB
tema1RJTS.mp3 2 MB


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i love this music can i use it for my game

hey there, of course! you can =) I did it for that, this pack is free (or you can donate whatever you want) because I wanted to help people who are in a budged but who want a great soundtrack! go ahead use it =) I am glad you like it, hey but dont forget to add me to the credits of your game! something like: "8 bit music pack - created by Rino Jose Tirri Suarez"

is fine ^^

and let me know when your game is finished to check it out =)

ok thx i put you in the credits

you are welcome ^^