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The 8 Bit Music - Epic Melodic Pack 3 includes many diferent melodies arranged in 8 bit style, all was made with synths to bring back the oldschool nes/snes style

this pack includes tracks that are loopable and also as bonus you will get 8 sound fxs! 

this music was arranged to be used in this situations: 

  • as gameplay for different scenarios

also the included sound effects will help you for the movements and interaction with objects in the game, might work for this actions:

  • jump
  • hit
  • moving the character
  • dying
  • success
  • surprize
  • achievement
  • missing

All the loops included here are unique and original tracks , all are  super cool. you can listen to them on the video demo

 the pack includes 6 music tracks and each one in format: Wav  I made this music to be mono-stereo compatible so it will sound great in any system

here you can find the duration of each one of the tracks included here:

  • 8 bit music In the west (2:52)
  • 8 bit music Just do it  (1:59)
  • 8 bit music Lofi (2:01)
  • 8 bit music Scary (2:39)
  • 8 bit music She  (2:18)
  • 8 bit music Spooky castle (2:32)

which will give you a total of 14 high quality wav Files, 44100 hz


for clarifing purposes you are buying a license to use this track in your videogame, here is what you can do and what you cant with this music:

you can:

incorporate this music in your videogame 

cut the music or extend it as you like 

use it as part of your videogame even if you will profit with it (the videogame).

convert the track to the audio format that you want

you cant:

sell this music separatly of your videogame

transform this music or use it as part of another track, understanding

transform this track including:

change the tempo

change the tune

mix this track with another one

reverse this track

or any other modification except the allowed explicitly

use it in more than 1 videogame, its 1 license per use

sell it separtly as a soundtrack of the video game music

IMPORTANT: you have to mention me in the credits of the videogame as the Composer of the music, including the name of the track and my name, something like:

"8 bit music Epic melodic pack 3" composed and produced by Rino Jose Tirri Suarez


#8-Bit  #Arcade #chiptune #Music #Music Production #NES #SegaGenesis #super-nes


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

InTheWest8bitLoop.wav 28 MB
JustDoIt8bitLoop.wav 20 MB
Lofi8bitLoop.wav 20 MB
Scary8bitLoop.wav 26 MB
She8bitLoop.wav 23 MB
SpookyCastle8bitLoop.wav 25 MB
checkpoint.wav 86 kB
dying.wav 155 kB
hit.wav 25 kB
jump.wav 17 kB
missing.wav 77 kB
moving.wav 51 kB
success!.wav 189 kB
surprized.wav 132 kB

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