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The 8 Bit Music - Epic Melodic Pack includes many diferent melodies arranged in 8 bit style, all was made with synths to bring back the oldschool nes/snes style

this pack includes tracks that are loopable and also non loopable, also as bonus you will get 8 sound fxs! 

this music was arranged to be used in this situations: 

  • as gameplay for different scenarios
  • for the ending credits of the game
  • for ending of escenarios

also the included sound effects will help you for the movements and interaction with objects in the game, might work for this actions:

  • jump
  • hit
  • moving the character
  • dying
  • success
  • surprize
  • achievement
  • missing

All the loops included belong to the big main theme, which is a great composition, all loops are original and super cool. the main theme is also included if you want to use it 

 the pack includes 7 versions of the music and each one in format: Wav and mp3 which give you a total of 14 high quality files, I made this music to be mono-stereo compatible so it will sound great in any system

I have created some loops that have a softer percusions version as bonus

I included several demo versions with a voice tag for listening or testing purposes before buying, the voice tag will not be present in the tracks after you buy it.

the sound effects are also available in two formats, mp3 and wav


remember attribute me in the credits of your game ^^, you can specify in your ending credits:  

"8 bit music - epic melodic pack 2 (Ancient Voyage)- Created by Rino Jose Tirri Suarez".


You may not redistribute or resell this asset.

I hope you enjoy the music ^^



Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $25 USD. You will get access to the following files:

GrandFugue_Ending.mp3 440 kB
GrandFugue_Ending.wav 1 MB
GrandFugue_Loop1.mp3 2 MB
GrandFugue_Loop1.wav 12 MB
GrandFugue_Loop2.mp3 1 MB
GrandFugue_Loop2.wav 7 MB
GrandFugue_Loop3.mp3 1 MB
GrandFugue_Loop3.wav 6 MB
GrandFugue_Loop4.mp3 1 MB
GrandFugue_Loop4.wav 4 MB
GrandFugue_Loop5.mp3 1 MB
GrandFugue_Loop5.wav 5 MB
GrandFugue_NoLoop.mp3 9 MB
GrandFugue_NoLoop.wav 40 MB
checkpoint.mp3 19 kB
checkpoint.wav 86 kB
dying.mp3 35 kB
dying.wav 155 kB
hit.mp3 6 kB
hit.wav 25 kB
jump.mp3 4 kB
jump.wav 17 kB
missing.mp3 18 kB
missing.wav 77 kB
moving.mp3 12 kB
moving.wav 51 kB
success!.mp3 42 kB
success!.wav 189 kB
surprized.mp3 30 kB
surprized.wav 132 kB
codaSoftDrum.wav 1 MB
GrandFugue_Loop1_softDrum.wav 11 MB
GrandFugue_Loop2_softDrum.wav 7 MB
GrandFugue_Loop3_softDrum.wav 5 MB

Download demo

all the fxs tagged rjts.mp3 441 kB
all the loops main and ending tagged RJTS.mp3 18 MB

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